The Super Powers we all possess: Changing your life in 10 minutes

I’ve mentioned my clients having super powers before – in fact we all have them. The power to change our entire lives lies within us, it just needs unlocking sometimes. We really are amazing creatures when we want to be, the changes we can accomplish when we are dedicated are...

just phenomenal. We’ve all seen the before and after photos of different diets, people who started out 12 stone over

weight and who lost it all. It often looks incredible. Like such an enormous task, overwhelming even and too big for one of us! And that’s where paralysis can set in if you let it.

Those weight loss stories didn’t start big. They - like any journey - started with a single step. One choice, one decision that led to another and another. What changes lives is the act of repeating those choices over and over again. Thousands and millions of tiny decisions, tiny steps taking us closer to our goals.

The trick is chunking. Breaking down what seems like an enormous task in to smaller, more manageable chunks. By doing that, we can celebrate each small victory along the way – these small victories keep us motivated and keep us going. Making each subsequent step easier and easier to take.

I tell my clients this and it applies to us all - a person can change their entire life in 10 minutes a day. Because everybody can squeeze in an extra 10 minutes somewhere. If it is important enough. 10 minutes dedicated to your goal every day becomes a habit and over time you can achieve big things. Things that might at first seem impossible.

A client of mine was avoiding a big task, not a 12 stone weight loss but something that would take 2 days of effort. A whole weekend. He didn’t have the energy to make a start because it was so overwhelming. Other, more fun things came up, the weather got nice, barbecues happened and the task sat undone for months. It was pushing in to years!

We agreed that he would commit to 10 minutes a day to the task. Go to bed 10 minutes later, watch 10 minutes less TV, call the friend he was meeting and say he would be 10 minutes late. In week one he achieved more than he had in 6 months! And, each day he achieved that goal it left him feeling motivated to keep achieving. Not just that goal but lots of others. That state of being is what I call the cycle of good – one good choice, one small victory leads to another and another and you’re suddenly in a cycle of victory after victory. Hashtag winning! No matter how small they may seem, these choices, these wins add up.

Try it for yourself, if you don’t already do it, make your bed! As soon as you get out of it, make it. Every single day. Just make your bed before you leave the house. It takes a minute or less to do it. See how it feels. Does it leave you motivated to cross other things off your to do list? Does it give you a sense of winning before your day even begins? It certainly does that for me, and it’s become such a strong habit that I don’t remember the last time I came home to an unmade bed!

So if you’re interested in your own superpowers, drop me a line. I love meeting and helping new people!