What do life coaching and the gym have in common? Everything!

I’m a life coach who works with personal trainers. We put the client in the centre and together we unlock their potential, get them to the next level and essentially let their bad ass selves shine through! I love my ‘job’ - it’s not really work, it’s a privilege...

I haven’t seen other life coaches doing that – I’m not saying they aren’t out there somewhere and I’m not pompous enough to think I’ve had a completely original and unique idea, I just haven’t seen them! For me, it’s a no brainer though. Coaching, training and the gym have so much in common.

We work on change: with people who want to get from where they are now to the next level. What we do changes lives, not because we are super heroes but actually because our clients are. They are the kind of people who embrace change, who want to challenge themselves, who expect more from themselves, chase dreams and grab life with both hands. It is amazing to work with individuals like that. Sometimes when they first come to us, they don’t feel that way. They’ve become a bit stuck in a rut – they know they want to though and they’re willing to put in the effort to get the life they deserve.

So we have that in common too…

We work with incredible clients: people who are brave and put themselves on the line in every session. They are ready to dump their baggage, leave it all on the gym floor. Dump all of their old habits in my notebook and bring it. They keep shedding their Clark Kent’s until what they see in the mirror is the person they knew deep down they could be. When our clients embrace the process, the three of us effect amazing change. We are inspired and motivated by our clients, their commitment to change is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

There are of course some differences between what I do and what is done on the gym floor and it’s these that I think make our partnership truly different from what is out there on the market. Personal Trainers work on the symptoms, the outward facing reflection of what being stuck in a bit of a rut looks and feels like. Whether that’s being tired but not sleeping much or being on a ‘diet’ but not shedding the extra pounds. Essentially just feeling a bit less than rockstar. On the flip side, as the coach, I work on the causes – we unpick what the issue really is and break down walls.

Sometimes that’s brick by brick and other times it’s with a massive sledgehammer. Whatever works! The trainers get the endorphins flowing and I coach clients to harness and call up those feelings at will. Our minds and bodies are inextricably linked and by working as a team to unlock the potential of both, what we do is so effective that some of my clients have referred to it as magic!

I love what I do and I’m always happy to chat to new people about how they can exceed their own expectations so if you think you might have some untapped potential, just give me a call.