Reality is just perception... you can change it when you wish!

Reality is just a perception. One of the principles of NLP is that the map is not the territory – it means that the way we see the world isn’t actually the world, it’s just our own unique view of it. It also means that everybody has a different map and they see the world in...

a different way. We use this map to navigate life, it is a reflection of our upbringing, our education, our political, spiritual and moral beliefs. The map guides us but sometimes it can also limit us.

I saw someone share the story of Thomas Edison on Facebook and I was reminded how powerful the map can be for good, and not. The story – and I call it this because I’ve not seen any verification – goes that Edison came home from school as a young kid and gave a letter to his mother to be read only by her. She agreed to read the letter to him. It read (and I’m paraphrasing) your son is a genius and too gifted for this school, we don’t have teachers qualified to teach him.

So he was pulled out of school and his parents taught him at home. As we all know, he went on to become one of the most important inventors of our time.

In later life, he found the letter in his mother’s things and read it himself. It actually said (again, paraphrasing)… your son is mentally deficient, we can’t teach him, he is expelled. The kid was about 7 when this was to have taken place.

Edison’s mother re-drew his map of the world in that moment. She didn’t feel that he needed the limiting beliefs that the school would have imposed on him, she had other ideas and she drew him an entirely different map with which to navigate his life. He was told he was a genius and he became one.

What we put out in to the world is incredibly powerful, a throw away comment can become a life-long limiting belief not only for others but also for ourselves. Saying ‘I’m not good at languages’ is an example of a limiting belief. Have you questioned this statement? Why would you say that? Because you got a D in GCSE French 15, 20, 35 years ago? Have you tried any other methods? Have you tried any other languages?

Think about the limiting beliefs you give life to in your words, what do you say about yourself? ‘I’m shy’? ‘I don’t do well under pressure’? I don’t have a good memory… sense of direction… whatever it is. Have a think about how many times you’ve said it and question it. Always question. It’s quite likely that this junk isn’t actually true and you just need to draw yourself a new map and erase the baggage out of the new version.