To live is to fail

Failure. It’s such a dismal word isn’t it? It’s been packaged up in a lie though. The package is dismal and embarrassing and a bit sad but actually that is just the box it’s in. Society has wrapped it up in old chippy paper and made it look like something rubbish...

I think it’s mostly out of some kind of jealous protection of the status quo. Some kind of vilification of those people with the audacity to try something new, to try to do the impossible, to try to win. That audacity is associated with risk which for many – in particular in society’s view of women – is a bad thing. Risk turns in to risky, unstable, not sensible, not content with what you have, not sitting still and being happy with your lot. It’s that audacity again. The audacity to try and do amazing things, to believe there is more and want to go out and grab it.

On the flip side of that, the other qualities needed to take a risk are bravery, courage, self-confidence. A calculated risk comes with planning but it also comes with a big dream, ambition, striving for something greater. Aren’t all of these amazing and inspiring qualities? Well yes they are and in entrepreneurial circles they are prized and praised. It’s just that society as a whole can be a bit… average. A bit small minded. And that is why failure is packaged up so poorly. Because if you actually unwrap it, it’s so brave and so powerful that it can teach you amazing things.

We learn when we fail, it’s when we grow so while of course we want to win failure isn’t actually a bad thing. It might delay the win but there are such valuable lessons to be learned that it’s almost always worth it.

So let’s repackage failure, chuck out the old chippy paper and wrap it up in the bravery, courage, confidence and yes, audacity that it actually shows. And when you fail, don’t feel embarrassed – put yourself out there, own the failure, share it. You’ll be surprised at how many people see the courage it took and look right past the rest.

And those that don’t… well I mean there’s always haters!