Why does it always rain on me?

Why does it always rain on me?

Right well firstly, it doesn't. It doesn't always rain on anybody so don't exaggerate. Secondly it doesn't rain on you, it rained and you happened to be in it! Thirdly, if it rains a lot and you don't like it then check the forecast and get an umbrella. And...

stop bloody moaning. I heard this song at the gym the other day. It caught my attention because it's a bit of an odd gym choice - it's not exactly motivational and upbeat! It reminded me of how careful we have to be of moaners and complainers and I was very glad I had my headphones. Imagine listening to this song all day, you'd end up in a pretty low mood because it's basically one long moan. It's the same thing when you spend time with people who moan and complain a lot. They bring you down.

We all need a bit of a moan sometimes, it's natural and necessary to be able to vent to someone. But, if you or the people you're around are doing this the majority of the time then it's time to do something about it.

So with the New Year, it's probably time to have a look at your circle of friends, the people you spend most time with - either out of choice or circumstance. With some of these people, it's easier to identify them and intentionally spend less time with them. For others, like work colleagues or housemates for example it's a bit more difficult. With a little extra effort though, you can still identify them as moaners and once you've done that it's a lot easier to waterproof your mood and protect it from their negativity rubbing off on you.

Once you're spending more time around positivity, around people who are solution focused, look on the bright side, are grateful for what they have... it becomes a LOT easier to do the same. Suddenly you're more inspired, your goals get bigger, you achieve more.